It all started with an old wooden swivel chair, salvaged from a dumpster in the Big Easy. A chair that seemed to beg for a new life as sparkling piece of luminous art…

Inspired by his former life in New Orleans, and a closet obsession with shiny objects, Rob began creating art from these leftover remnants of mardi gras festivities about fifteen years ago. From his initial works with salvaged furniture developed increasingly intricate and diverse “paintings” that span the spectrum from portraits and iconic images to freestanding sculptures, and have become coveted by folk art aficionados across the country.

Each piece is created from an array of sparkling and vibrant mardi gras beads, of varying sizes and shades and textures, overlaid upon a sketching on a plywood base, and often finished with a gold beaded “frame”.

These fascinating and unique pieces of art are each unique and custom-made to order.


Prices are variable and are base upon size and complexity of the piece.

For availability, pricing, or more specific information or questions, please email: