paintings of my guitars (series 1)

So for years i've collected vintage electric guitars....partly for their sound and tone, but partly (and largely, honestly) for their beautifully sexy shapes and looks...

Some have been great instruments that play and sound incredible, and some have really not, but each one has a unique and artistic design, from the shape and curves of the body, to the sparkling chrome pickups, tremolos, and tailpieces....

There's something indescribably magical to me about each one of these instruments, and there's something about them that deep down inside just makes me happy...just to look at them. To me, each one is more than simply an instrument. Each one is a work of art in and of itself...

So with that sentiment in mind a number of years ago, I began painting...trying to capture one beautiful aspect, one detailed curve, of each one of my guitars.

Eventually I moved on to other art projects, but I thought I'd post a retrospective of some of my favorites...

Here is the first series:  

reverend slingshot
mosrite combo
fender resonator
fender coronado 2
fender P bass special
fender gemini
gretsch superaxe
fender starcaster
series 10