So how long does it take...?

Honestly as ridiculous as it sounds, I have no idea. 

After all the years I've been making these things, I've never really clocked any of them. Those of you who know me know how hectic my days can be with everything else join on. Usually, you know, I work on a piece a little here...a little there...a couple hours one hour or so the next...until whoa! it's done. 

So when I sat down to start working on Humphrey and Marilyn (under a pretty tight timeframe I might note), it dawned on me that it would be kind of fun...and maybe a little keep track of just exactly how long they took me to finish. 

From blank plywood to finished portrait...

The final tally??

Humphrey was 10h, 30min.....

Marilyn took 14h, 45min.

So there you go. That's how long.