COORS LIGHT Mardi Gras 2016 Advertising Campaign!!

So back in mid-summer I got an unexpected call from an advertising agency in Denver. They told me that their client MillerCoors was interested in commissioning me to do a piece for their advertising campaign for Mardi Gras 2016....!!! How unbelievably awesome!!

So after a confidentiality agreement and several proposals, we settled on a plan and I got the green light from SAB Miller. A 40 x 40" piece that would be translated into billboards, flyers, and posters in the Southeastern US....during the 2016 Mardi Gras season. 

Again on a pretty short timeframe (which seems to be a developing trend for me...), it came together beautifully and was shipped off to Denver..

One of my favorite southern clients spotted one such poster in Mobile, Alabama in December....

Keep your eyes out for one!


blakely and tommy!

blakely and tommy!